Cardi B & Wack 100 Deny J. Prince Helped Offset & Cardi With LA Gang Threats  

J Prince, Offset and Cardi B

Cardi B says “Tell him to show receipts,’ in response to claims that J. Prince helped her and Offset with numerous beefs.

Cardi B and Wack 100 have joined the online back-and-forth between Offset and J. Prince after the Rap-A-Lot founder claimed he saved the rap couple from multiple beefs and confrontations. 

According to Cardi B, J. Prince is spinning “a bunch of fairy tales.”   

On Wednesday (Feb. 8), Prince took to Instagram with a video response to Offset. He claimed the Migos member asked for his help on numerous occasions.  

“Remember when you called up on me and I came to L.A. and met with you because you was nervous about your wife performing because she had those issues about using the word flue?” You forgot?” J. Prince said, referring to gang threats Cardi B received in 2018 over an Instagram caption.  

He also called Offset a “fake m########### and a “snake,” accusing the rapper of threatening him and his family.  

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Meanwhile, shortly after J. Prince shared his post, Cardi B took to social media with a cryptic tweet, seemingly addressing his claims. “BIG LIES,” she penned. However, Cardi made it clear who she accused of lying when somebody replied telling her Prince “Had to help YOU feel safe in LA.” 

“NEVER,” she clapped back. “Tell him to show receipts ….Only people that was there was Wack [100] and Big U ….why would he be call for anything involving crips? Whole bunch of fairy tales,” she penned in a since-deleted post.  

Cardi B Responds To J. Prince

Wack 100 then backed up Cardi B’s version of events, sharing her tweet on Instagram, also accusing J. Prince of lying.  

@iamcardib TELLS NO LIES … @jprincerespect had nothing to do with that weekend or that issue, he wrote. “S### was different back then between me and the other individual. It was simple a round table a understanding he cleared the way on his side and myself & the #Bompton Homies cleared it on our side. On top of that without mentioning names her management team was my brother and @offsetyrn was with me long before he met the #Bozo.” He added the hashtag “stop lying” to end his post.  

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Wack 100 didn’t wait for Cardi B’s mention before weighing in on the beef, sharing his thoughts on Clubhouse earlier this week. He called out Mob Ties founder, accusing him of broadcasting street business following Prince’s recent remarks about Offset on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast.  

“Why are you publicizing it?” he questioned. “If you heard it in the streets, you supposed to keep it in the streets. You’re not supposed to go on no podcast and publicize it to 100 m##########’ million people that ‘Offset trippin’, he might wanna do something to us.’” 

Offset also chimed in, tweeting, “Street N#### turn [police emoji] never needed you for no smoke u da police all mouth with no proof just fairy tales [laughing emoji] let this be the last time we speak on this.”