Carl Crawford & Megan Thee Stallion Clash Online: He Calls Her An “Alcoholic” She Claims He Pops Pills

Megan Thee Stallion engaged in a war of words with Carl Crawford who claimed Meg is an “alcoholic” who slept with her best friend’s man.

Megan Thee Stallion unleashed online on Monday (Mar. 21) following the news that 1501 Certified Entertainment, led by Carl Crawford, filed a countersuit against her in their ongoing legal dispute.  

The Houston native vented on Twitter in a series of tweets calling out the “greedy men” responsible for her beef with the label.  

Meanwhile, in response, Carl Crawford accused Megan Thee Stallion of “playing the victim,” and hiding behind Roc nation. 

“Stop playing the victim @theestallion,” he wrote on Instagram. “U haven’t paid for 1 show since 2019 🤬 hiding behind #Rocnation .. U can keep that b####### ass mix tape and send over that straight drop whenever u ready🤘🏾” 

Megan Thee Stallion Says Crawford Is Hiding Behind J Prince

Megan pulled no punches, responding with, “Carl I don’t wanna be signed to yo pill popping ass! You talking abt I ain’t paid for a show and you sound slow,” she wrote. “Im the artist I don’t pay you directly maybe fight with THE MAN YOU SIGNED TO AND YOU MIGHT SEE SOME MONEY YOU F###### POWDER HEAD! You hiding behind JPRINCE.” 

As to the Roc nation remarks, Megan remained unimpressed. “People love bringing up roc nation 😂” she wrote. “Like hell yeah my team is great am I supposed to have a bad one?… and what abt it b####” 

After being called a drug abuser, Crawford then made allegations of his own via his Instagram Stories.  

“Aye y’all believe that B####### all y’all want to …ion got Twitter fingers so I’m not bout to type s### all day..but I promise everything said about me about that matter is a lie,” he wrote. “The truth will be out soon enough.” He added, “Defamation claim in the way,” before following that up with a bold claim about Megan Thee Stallion. 

 “This all Coming from a Bonafide Alcoholic who f##### the whole industry including her best friend n*gga [facepalm emoji].” 

However, by this time, Megan said she was done responding.