Carl Crawford Says Let The Debate Begin Over Megan Thee Stallion & Eric Banks’ Versions Of “Thick”

The 1501 CEO calls on listeners to argue over which remix is better.

1501 Certified Entertainment currently lists both Megan Thee Stallion and Erica Banks as members of the label’s roster. After news broke earlier this year that Megan and 1501 have been in dispute over her contract, many fans started to pit the Houston Hot Girl against her Dallas-bred counterpart.

Carl Crawford, 1501 CEO, is also playing into the compare-and-contrast game. Overnight, Thee Stallion hopped on the remix to DJ Chose’s “Thick” single. As Megan was promoting the record online, Crawford encouraged more comparisons between her and Erica Banks who dropped her own version of “Thick” three days ago.

“Let the debates begin,” wrote Crawford on 1501’s verified Instagram page. That statement from the ex-Major League Baseball player served as the caption for footage of Banks performing her rendition of “Thick.” Banks then co-signed her boss by commenting under the post, “YUPPPPP.”

Since she started getting national attention in 2020, Erica Banks was branded by some Hip Hop fans as 1501 Certified Entertainment’s “replacement” for Megan. She also faced constant accusations of copying Thee Stallion’s flow and style.

“I take it as an honor,” said Banks in a July interview with the Dallas Observer. “It’s Megan. She’s one of the hottest females right now, and she’s from Texas. I’ve never seen anyone compared to her, so for me to be the first one, I feel really good about it.”

DJ Chose’s “Thick” featuring BeatKing became a viral sensation on social media. The track spread across TikTok as users began creating dance challenges and skits. Millions of videos on the platform include the song. DJ Chose showed public support for Megan’s remix.