Cassidy Says He’s Biggest Battle Rapper Unless Eminem Wants To Claim Title


Cassidy explained why he viewed himself as battle rap’s biggest star before sharing his views on a potential battle with Eminem.

Cassidy regards himself as the face of battle rap until someone of Eminem’s stature stakes a claim for the crown.

The Philly-bred rapper discussed his place in battle rap’s hierarchy in an interview with the African Cultural Art Forum. Cassidy explained why he should be considered the biggest star in battle rap unless Eminem had something to say about it.

“It’s nobody else in battle rap bigger than me or did more things than me,” Cassidy told ACAF. “If somebody wanted to try to claim the title, like Eminem or somebody would have to come back and get in the lane and try to claim that they [are] the biggest battle rapper. Because as of this point right now, it’s me.”

Cassidy was asked if he wanted to battle Eminem. The former J Records artist preferred the idea of collaborating with Slim Shady if possible. But Cassidy made it clear he was willing to battle anyone, including Em.

“I’m a fan of Eminem,” he said. “I want to work with him … I ain’t really trying to battle him. But I’ll battle anybody. I’ve battled myself before, so I’ll battle anybody.”

Listen to Cassidy’s thoughts on why he thinks he’s the biggest battle rapper below.