Ceaser Emanuel’s Team Says He Will Cooperate With Atlanta Law Regarding Animal Abuse Case

Ceaser Emanuel - Black Ink Crew

“Black Ink” star Ceaser Emanuel is ready to surrender over claims he beat and abused his dog, which was all captured on video! Read more!

The team representing “Black Ink” star Ceaser Emanuel says that he will work with law enforcement in Atlanta and turn himself in after a warrant for his arrest has been issued. 

The reality star has been accused of animal cruelty.

The Shade Room reports that Emanuel’s attorney Christina Gill said this in an official statement regarding the surrender, “It has been brought to our attention that the South Fulton Police Department has put out an arrest warrant after his ex-girlfriend Suzette Samuel made a complaint for an animal cruelty incident regarding an unclear 2-year-old video from or about 2019 after a recent breakup.”

“He [Emanuel] intends to fully cooperate with the legal authorities and his counsel to bring him justice for this incident,” the formal remarks continued. “We are not able to confirm or deny if actual charges have been filed but we are in the process of working with the authorities to come to a resolve as he will be willingly turning himself in.”

 As an update on the well-being of the animals, Gill wrote, “To date, both animals are thriving, happy, safe, and doing well. Saddened by this situation, Ceaser wants fans to know that this is not who he is to date.”

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Ceaser has been spiraling into a state of depression after being fired by VH1 for a shocking animal abuse scandal.

Ceaser Emanuel can be seen in a video picking up a metal folding chair and striking the dog with it. He also put the tiny pooch in its cage and rolled it down a hill.

He commented on the event, saying, “I’m not gonna make no excuses for myself. I should’ve behaved better. But that’s not me with being cruel to animals or anything like that. I’m not that. What I did was a mistake, and that was just it.”

His legal team made a statement two weeks ago about their position on the incident and his mental state, saying, “Although his actions were not appropriate at all, [Ceaser] is sincerely apologetic and feels extremely bad. He is dealing with death threats which is causing him fear and depression. His only goal was to build an empire to help build jobs and bring the black community in the tattoo industry successful given that the community is limited there.”

Ceaser’s ex-girlfriend, Suzette Samuel, took to social media to respond and labeled the reality star “sick” after he blamed her for leaking the footage. 

She said, “How did I make a complaint to animal cruelty? Anything to save face! I think animal cruelty got involved sir once they saw the video.”

According to Suzette, this is a publicity stunt to destroy her image and to protect his name. 

She stated on social media that her ex needed help and that he was cheating on her for the entirety of their relationship.

“Your goal has always been to destroy my image if I left and that’s why I stayed as long as I did out of fear. Finding out u was cheating the WHOLE time was enough for me to leave and your MAD! Own up to your own consequences and stop putting my name in s###,” Suzette Samuel snarled. 

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