Central Cee Talks Cracking The U.S., Reflects On ”Doja” Impact

Central Cee

Central Cee may be at the top of the game in the U.K. he acknowledges that he’s almost “back at square one,” in his U.S. music career.

Central Cee is not content with being at the top of the U.K. drill scene and plans to keep working until he achieves the same success across the Atlantic.  

The West London rapper made significant inroads earlier this year with his viral hit “Doja.” A snippet of the song scored over a million TikTok views before the single was officially released. The video was given a significant boost when it dropped on Lyrical Lemonade, racking up 73 million views in three months.  

While he expected his homage to Doja Cat to do well, he couldn’t appreciate how big of a hit it became until he performed the song at a show. 

“Although I was getting so big, it didn’t feel like it ‘cause it was just numbers on the screen,” Central Cee admitted. “So then, when I went outside and actually got to do a show and see real-life people singing my lyrics, it was an indescribable feeling.”  

Central Cee – Doja

However, Central Cee acknowledges that he’s “back at square one… almost.”  

“I’m where I was two years ago in the U.K., [but] in America,” he explained during an in-depth interview with HotNewHipHop. “I understand that I need to do that whole process again, and go through that whole process again — which I’m excited to do,” he says. 

Furthermore, Central Cee says he’s got the work ethic to keep going. “No matter how long the days get in this music thing. I’ve worked harder in the streets for a lot less P’s. That hustle won’t die in me. I just work hard and don’t complain,” he said.  

Elsewhere in the interview, Cench discussed his recent LA Leakers Freestyle. He wanted to “bridge the gap,” and break down some of the differences between U.S. and U.K. lingo.  

“Like, I’m on an American platform. I’m from the U.K. I know the stigma a lot of American people have and — I don’t know. I just thought it would be a good idea,” he explained,” before adding “I understood the assignment.” Check out the freestyle below.