Chamillionaire Is Now An Entrepreneur-In-Residence For A Venture Capital Firm


Chamillionaire isn’t riding dirty anymore. He’s now an entrepreneur-in-residence for Upfront Ventures, an investment firm.

In a letter written by Upfront Ventures’  investment partner Mark Suster, he detailed how his relationship with Chamillionaire began and how the “Hip Hop Police” rapper is flourishing into quite the entrepreneur. The Houston spitter caught Suster’s eye after a 2009 speech about social media engagement in the music industry.

A few years back he started many mini investments in tech firms with Suster, which led to Cham wanting to becoming more involved with the tech start up world.

“A while back Chamillionaire started telling me he wanted to immerse himself even more in the tech world – learning to build products, studying different business models and committing himself to being a true tech entrepreneur,” Suster wrote. “Chamillionaire has a way more refined sense of what customer behavior is like than most ivy league graduates with nice Powerpoint slides that I meet.”

Now as an entrepreneur-in-residence for the next several months, Chamillionaire is soaking up knowledge about start ups and is also advising Upfront Ventures along with his business partner and producer Nsilo Reddick.

“And while Cham is always the guy on stage blowing away the audience, Nsilo has always been the quiet, reflective guy in the background with all the answers,” Suster said. “They make a great pair.”

Don’t sleep. Cham still raps for a living in addition to his new ventures.