Chance The Rapper Happy To Hit Met Gala Without His Kids

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper was extremely excited to have an adult’s night out, and take a break for being a parent when he attended the Met Gala!

Chance The Rapper has joked it was a “huge relief” to attend the glitzy Met Gala in New York on Monday – without his young daughters.

The “No Problem” hitmaker – who has daughters Kensli, five, and two-year-old Marli with wife Kirsten Corley Bennett – enjoyed a rare adults-only evening at the star-studded fashion event.

Speaking to actress Keke Palmer during Vogue magazine’s live stream, he quipped: “This is a huge relief to just be out here with a bunch of adults.”

But while Chance thought it was “amazing” to be out without his daughters, his wife didn’t share his enthusiasm, prompting him to declare his love for his two girls.

Chance told People magazine: “It’s amazing (to be child-free),” while wife Kirsten said, “I miss them!”

The rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett, quickly added, “I miss them (too). Just in case they look at this interview in 20 years!”