Chance the Rapper Feels A Connection With Hillary Clinton


(AllHipHop News) Chance the Rapper just landed the cover of Billboard’s 2017 Grammys Preview” issue, along with Alessia Cara and Maren Morris.

All three of the artists sat down for in-depth interviews, where they discussed politics, race relations and a myriad of other subjects.

Chance, who’s father Ken Bennett is tight with President Barack Obama, said he was definitely voting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming elections.

“Hillary Clinton, by far… I can’t really speak on her policies but I feel a certain ­connection to Hillary Clinton that’s just not there with Donald Trump,” Chance told Billboard.

In June, Chance flexed the power he has over his audience when co-signed a peition on to make mixtapes eligible for Grammy Awards, even though they are not commerically available for sale.

In June, the Grammy’s capitulated and announced that albums released solely through streaming platforms are now eligible for an award.

It’s good news for Chance, who dropped debut released 10 Day and Acid Rap on Soundcloud.

His latest album Coloring Book, earned the distinction of being the first act to earn a spot on the Billboard 200 chart from strictly streaming.

Coloring Book was not available for sale and exclusively premiered on Apple Music, garnering almost 60 million streams, which was enough to land him the #8 spot on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart.

Chance explained to Billboard that his protest and subsequent victory was simply a reflection of what happens to people color in society, everyday.

“Colorism and racism don’t stop when you’re a musician or when you have wealth or when you’re in any given position,” Chance told