Chance the Rapper Heading To Court Over Child Support


(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop star Chance the Rapper is locked in a custody battle, just days before he’s due to hit the stage for a highly anticipated performance at the Grammys.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kirsten Corley will be in court this Friday (February 10), in an attempt to work out a custody agreement for their 16-month-old daughter.

The rapper’s lawyers have petitioned the court to set a child support award “below statutory guidelines.”

Chance is also asking the court to ensure Corley shares in their daughter’s expenses, since she is capable of being able to work.

In addition to seeking an order protecting both parties’ private information, Chance is also asking the court to “recognize that a large income does not necessarily trigger an extravagant lifestyle.”

Chance’s new album Coloring Book is nominated for seven Grammy Awards, and the rapper will perform during the live event, which takes place on February 12.