Chance The Rapper On His Similarities & Disagreements With Kanye West


(AllHipHop News) For many Hip Hop fans, Chance The Rapper created the “verse of the year” for 2016.

However, the bars were not from Chance’s Grammy-nominated Coloring Book.

That verse was part of the Kanye West song “Ultralight Beam” off The Life Of Pablo.

Chance is also clearly a huge fan of the G.O.O.D Music founder.

The “No Problem” rhymer has praised Ye as the greatest artist of this generation and talked about making a joint project with him.

In a cover story for GQ, Chance further discussed his appreciation for Mr. West as well as his disagreements with his musical idol.

“I don’t think I ever wanted to be like Kanye in personality, though. I think I definitely want to, have always wanted to, have his boldness or assurance in myself,” said Chance. “But I’ve definitely seen Kanye do things where I was like, ‘I’d never do that.'”

He added, “Being around Kanye, Kanye says crazier sh-t in private than he does in public, which is hard to believe because he says the craziest things in public. He does have a filter. He’s not a liar or somebody that is going to sugarcoat things when he does speak. But Kanye’s said some crazy sh-t to me where I respond, ‘No, I don’t feel you at all.'”