Chance the Rapper Rocks “SNL” With Justin Bieber; Issa Rae Clowns Kanye West

Chance the Rapper gave a “spirited” performance as guest host Issa Rae takes aim at presidential candidate, Kanye West!

Chance the Rapper returned to Saturday Night Live over the weekend for a performance with Justin Bieber.

The third episode of this season’s SNL took on last week’s Town Hall debates between President Donald Trump and former VP, Joe Biden.

Alec Baldwin was spot on as he reprised his role as President Donald Trump, while Jim Carrey continued to draw critical acclaim for his portrayal of former vice President Joe Biden.

Actress/entrepreneur Issa Rae served as a special guest host, while Beebs made his appearance as the musical guest on SNL for the fourth time.

Chance the Rapper performed Beiber’s song “Holy” in front of a neon-blue cross. The song is taken from Justin Bieber’s upcoming sixth studio album.

In another memorable sketch, Issa Rae played a lawyer for the NAACP to vote for “everybody Black” on election day except for Kanye West: “Kanye? ‘F’ him,” she exclaimed.