Chance The Rapper & Wife Said To Be “All Good” Following Carnival Controversy

Chance The Rapper Kirsten Corley Bennett

‘The Big Day’ album creator appeared to be in the doghouse.

Social media users have had a lot to say about Chance The Rapper’s marriage in recent days. The Chicago-bred emcee started an online firestorm because of his escapades at the 2023 Carnival in Jamaica.

Footage of Chance The Rapper dancing on an unknown woman at Carnival went viral. The clip shows Chance slapping the woman’s butt. Critics began questioning if the 30-year-old’s public actions disrespected his wife.

Chance’s wife, Kirsten Corley-Bennett, did not immediately respond to the controversy. However, the World of BOBY children’s clothing brand founder added fuel to the fire by sharing a quote from Maya Angelou’s book Letter to My Daughter.

The Letter to My Daughter passage read, in part, “Most people don’t grow up. It’s too damn difficult.” Kirsten Corley-Bennett also captioned her cryptic Instagram post, “I hope one day, we all choose to grow up.”

Chance The Rapper also used Instagram to relay a less subtle message. Yesterday, Chance uploaded a snippet of comedian Bill Burr telling a joke about wedlock to his Instagram Story which reignited rumors of conflict in his household.

“Yeah, I love my wife to death. I love everything about being married f###### married,” said Bill Burr in the Paper Tiger comedy special. “But I’ll tell you this right now, we do fight a lot. We do argue all the time. If I’ve learned anything in five years of being married, it’s we’re always working on me.”

TMZ published a report about Chance The Rapper and Kirsten Corley-Bennett’s current status as a couple. According to the website, a representative for Chance stated, “Everyone has their moments, but they’re all good.”

Chance The Rapper faced considerable scrutiny for the Carnival video because many listeners viewed his 2019 album, The Big Day, as a celebration of his wife and the sanctity of marriage. As his personal life continues to make headlines, Chance is also preparing to celebrate his breakout mixtape, Acid Rap, with a ten-year anniversary concert.