Chance The Rapper & Nico Segal Discuss The Social Experiment's "Surf" Album


(AllHipHop News) Chance The Rapper was one of the breakout Hip Hop stars of 2013. His mixtape Acid Rap was heralded by critics and fellow artists. Up next for the Chicago entertainer is a group album with the cross-genre collective The Social Experiment.

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Fader caught up with Chance and other band members Nico Segal, Nate Fox, and Peter Cottontale for a cover story. Chance and Nico spoke with the publication about the forthcoming Surf album.

“Every record has like 50 people on it,” said Chance. “The idea is to make a singular, four-minute-and-30-second song that feels like a year’s worth of music.”

Chance also declared Surf is Nico’s project while also explaining how each person contributes different aspects to the LP – Chance handles the rapping, Peter handles the keys, Nate handles the drum programming, Nico handles the horns.

Nico, a 21-year-old trumpet player, added the LP will be structured in a way listeners will have to take in the entire album to get a taste of the emcee’s part of the project.

“People hear what they wanna hear,” said Nico. “If they only wanna listen to the songs with Chance The Rapper, they’re gonna have to listen to the whole project cover-to-cover because I’m not gonna tell them which songs [he’s on]. The important thing is just to listen. Listen to the music, then send it to your grandma.”

Chance is reportedly working on his untitled debut studio LP as well. It is set to feature OutKast’s André 3000, Roc Nation’s J. Cole, and Odd Future’s Frank Ocean. He will also make an appearance on Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart album.

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