Charlamagne Tha God Calls Colin Kaepernick’s Letter To New York Jets “Pathetic”

Charlamagne Tha God Colin Kaepernick

“It pains to see that man still begging to be in a league that he called racist.”

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick still wants to play in the professional football league, but The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God has taken issue with Kap’s recent plea for a job. During Wednesday’s (September 27) “Rumor Report,” Charlamagne Tha God blasted the ex-San Francisco 49er for his letter to New York Jets General Manager Joe Douglas, which was shared by J. Cole.

“I wish that letter was never written,” he said. “That letter was tragically sad and downright pathetic. Colin Kaepernick has let his setback become his identity, and I hate that for him. It pains to see that man still begging to be in a league that he called racist and he compared to a plantation.

“And I hate that he can never speak for himself. He always got somebody else speaking for him or putting out his message for him. That’s so wack to me. I wish Colin the best in all his endeavors but just begging these same people you called racist for an opportunity is pitiful.”

The New York Jets franchise lost its starting quarterback Aaron Rogers after the 4x-Most Valuable Player went down with an apparent Achilles injury in the first game of the season. Some fans wondered if the team would sign Kaepernick for the QB position, and J. Cole co-signed the alleged blackballed athlete’s desire to return to the field.

“I asked Colin @kaepernick7 if I could share this letter with the world,” Cole shared on Instagram. “He was reluctant. My argument was that I believe the people and all organizations should know the truth about how hard he works and how much he still wants to play. And always has. In the end, he agreed to let me.

“I wish the @nyjets organization luck. My boy @bas is a big ass fan so I saw the heartbreak of every Jets fan when Arod went down @richeisen Everyone from players, to coaches, to execs are feeling the pressure I’m sure. I hope y’all can turn it around, and I hope there’s a spot out there for my boy Kap. PEACE.”

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