Charlamagne Tha God On Kanye West: “We Gotta Stop D-Riding Dysfunction”

Charlamagne called out Kanye West for feuding with Pete Davidson “Just be a good father to your kids and let the marriage go, king.”

Charlamagne Tha God has weighed in on Kanye West’s recent antics and is not a fan of the rapper’s “lame” behavior. Ye has been beefing online with Pete Davidson and pleading for reconciliation with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. 

The Breakfast Club addressed Kim’s concerns that Kanye’s threats towards her boyfriend Pete may prompt someone to harm him. Charlamagne shared his thoughts during a segment of The Rumor Report. “Kanye is the epitome of just because someone does something good for you doesn’t mean they’re good for you,” he said. 

“Like I’ve said before, in regards to the streets, he’s gon’ learn that wolves don’t make great house pets. He needs to stop playin’ like that,” he added. “And also, Kim K has been rich her whole life. She’s been rich since she was born. Right? Now, she’s wealthy. So, what do you give the woman who has everything? Normalcy.” 

Charlamagne continued: “That’s what Pete is giving her right now. Normalcy. Pizza, ice cream, and Staten Island… It’s driving him crazy that he has all that money and she’s not interested in none of that right now. Just be a good father to your kids and let the marriage go, king.” 

Charlamagne Says This Is “Lame Behavior”

“We gotta stop d-riding dysfunction, too,” added Charlamagne. “Like, literally, if this was anybody else, and not Kanye West, and he wasn’t the rich, successful person, we walk around wearing his shoes, y’all would have all types of slander for his lame activity right now. His lame behavior right now, for the way he won’t leave Kim alone right now. So, knock it off.”

Last month Charlamagne called out Kanye for his Pete Davidson lyric in The Game’s new single, “Easy.” 

“I thought Kanye’s bar to Pete was corny as hell, I thought it was corny,” Charlamagne told The Brilliant Idiots. I didn’t like it…what happened to Jesus? What happened to God? You weren’t even cursing on your records and now all of a sudden you wanna beat up Pete Davidson?” 

Charlamagne was referring to the line, “God saved me from that crash/Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”  

Charlamagne added that he “didn’t respect” the lyric and said he’s “been tired” of Kanye’s antics.