Charlie Mack Bashes Chris Rock For Calling Jada Pinkett Smith A B##ch

Chris Rock

West Philly filmmaker says Black people are in bad shape.

Hip-Hop Forrest Gump and Will Smith’s longtime bodyguard/ friend Charlie Mack didn’t appreciate how Chris Rock lashed out at the actor’s wife during his live Netflix special, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage.

The comments came after Rock’s publicist Marvet Britto posted a glowing review about the performance.

“Life is not merely summarized by what is said or done to you….but how YOU choose to respond,” she wrote. “AN EPIC TOUR OF HEALING ENDING WITH AN EPIC PERFORMANCE!!!! So SUPA PROUD of my friend @chrisrock for working through his pain & cementing his legacy as the first live performance in Netflix history.”

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Charlie Mack caught wind of the post and added his two cents in the comment section, challenging the veteran star maker.

He said, “Calling Jada a B, is calling everyone Black woman a B!!!! Jada has never spoken any words of disrespect on that Brotha!!!!! Never EVER, in fact, she done just the opposite!! Love on and celebrated him!!! And all of us for that matter!! And you stand in celebration of a Blackman viciously calling our Sista and B??”

He then wrote that his heart “bleeds” for Britto, noting he has always considered her a “Black Queen” and “Class Act” and that he has known Britto for more than 30 years.

Mack concluded, “Never thought I’d see this day,” before wishing her peace and “Brotherly Love.”

Before checking out, he added something for everyone to note, “Love is needed the most when deserved the LEAST!!!!! Our People are in bad shape!”