Check Out Big Sean’s Open Letter To His 18-Year-Old Self


(AllHipHop News) Big Sean has published a reflective, open letter to his younger self, playing off the opening monologue of his new album I Decided.

Big Sean’s dictated the open letter to’s Tom Barnes, along with a video of the open letter, which is addressed to his younger self.

In the open letter, Big Sean reveals a bit of the anxiety he felt as a new artist attempting to break into the music business.

“You’ve been telling yourself that by 21 you have to be on, and at 22 you have to have a song on the radio. Rapping’s been your job since before it was your job, before you were out of high school, before you faced the decisions that would change everything,” the rapper writes in the open letter.

“That hustle will create your path for you and be a testament to the light you have to share. But it will leave you with a lot more to work on.”

In the letter, which is addressed to himself as an 18-year-old, Big Sean doles out advice on being a teenager in Detroit, and fighting racism.

“The only thing you can do to change anything is to make yourself better and send prayers,” Big Sean writes in the letter. “Any act of violence, you will look back and regret. It’ll cross your mind on the way back from visiting Michigan State, when you pull into a gas station to shouts of ‘get out of here, n#####!”

Take a look at the whole letter below and look at the video as well: