Chicago Hip-Hop Artist Nikki Lynette Turns Her Deepest Pain Into A Play

Nikki Lynette

Nikki Lynette is a rapper that turned a suicide attempt into tremendous success in a play.

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While the theater world has been hit hard over the last year by the COVID-19 global pandemic, many show creators are finding new and innovative ways to bring the stage to their audience using technology. Rapper, actor and playwright, Nikki Lynette is such a producer.

Lynette is poised to her musical Get Out Alive to her virtual theater this winter — affording those who missed the sold-out regional debut, during the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s LookOut Series, a chance to see the show in all its glory.

The story is not your average theatre piece.

It is a work that combines technology with her edgy life’s story, tiptoeing through mental health challenges, and strolling down her lanes of personal triumph.

 “Music that deals with mental health doesn’t have to be sad or corny. If these are issues we navigate everyday, then it should be the soundtrack to people’s real lives,” Lynette said. “When I went into the psych ward after a suicide attempt, I met all these people with the same issues as me, and they felt alone, too. I told them when I got out, I would use my platform to tell our stories — and I’m keeping my word.”

According to the producers say through a release, “Get Out Alive is an afrogoth celebration of life, loss, and the lessons we learn along the way.”

“Recounting Nikki’s personal journey marked by abuse, grief, sexual assault, and suicide,” the release continues. “This tech-forward production raises awareness around mental health all through the lens of a hip hop concert.”

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In addition to writing and starring in the production, Lynette heads up the art direction and pulls from documentaries, visual media, and a short film shot on the south side of Chicago over this year’s summer. She also soundtracked the musical with more than a dozen new songs that were crafted to match the powerful book that celebrates her as a victor, even as it articulates the bumps and bruises she received along the way.

It should not be shocking that her music is going to be featured in the show. She is quite an accomplished artist, having her songs appear in shows on Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Fox, and MTV.

Lynette will also host several chats online before the virtual debut, to broach the mental health conversation from the context of the critical advocacy that is needed in the Black community. This will be on November 16.

Lynette will not only debut this piece virtually but will be featured in a TEDx Talk with Princeton University on Tuesday, November 24.

Get Out Alive will premiere online on January 30, 2021. Tickets are available at

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