Chicago Natives Call On Chance the Rapper To Run For Mayor


(AllHipHop News) A group local artists and designers in Chicago are urging hip-hop star Chance the Rapper to run for mayor.

Chance has been grabbing headlines lately, for his million dollar gift to the Chicago Public School Systems, after a tense meeting with Governor Bruce Rauner.

Chance took it a step further, last week when he partnered with the Chicago Bulls to drop another $1 million to serve students at local schools.

Because of his steadfast dedication to the youth of Chicago, a new website has popped up with the goal of getting Chance to challenge Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“We would be very happy if he’d become more politically involved and he endorsed a candidate who stands up for the same things that he stands up for in his music,” said Bea Malsky, one of the designers working on the website.

The group of graphic artists told The Chicago Sun-Times that they began working on the plan before Chance made his million dollar donations, which only made them kick in their project into overdrive.

Chance, who has yet to respond, could be well suited for the job.

His father Ken worked for President Barack Obama during his first term, and the former POTUS is a great fan of Chance, who appeared at the White House several times last year.