Chloe Bailey Opens Up About Sister Halle’s Relationship With DDG: “Y’all Don’t See Behind The Scenes” 

DDG Halle Bailey

Chloe Bailey defended her sister Halle’s relationship with DDG, claiming the couple are “so happy” despite the naysayers.  

Halle Bailey and her boyfriend DDG have been the talk of social media amid the recent pregnancy rumors, but sister Chloe says she loves them together.  

Earlier this week, the “Moonwalking in Calabasas” rapper was forced to respond to claims that his The Little Mermaid actor girlfriend, who called him her “first deep, deep, real love,” is too good for him.  

“And all them females [talking] bout my girl can ‘do better’ f### broke n##### wit no ambition,” DDG penned on September 18. “Ya ain’t never been to Chanel & can pick out whatever & how many bags ya want.” 

Although he has since deleted the tweet, Halle’s big sister came to her defense in an Instagram Live Thursday evening. The “Pray It Away” songstress gushed over the couple after her Halle came to see her perform overseas.  

“Let me tell you something. I am just so happy. Halle and Darryl are so happy,” Chloe declared, referring to DDG by his birth name.  

While Chloe neither confirmed nor denied the speculation that Halle and DDG are expecting a child together, she did address the backlash over their relationship. 

“He’s been so sweet and everything,” she continued. “I f### with them, I don’t care what nobody says. Y’all don’t see behind the scenes. Like I love them, I really do.” 

Earlier in the evening, Halle became overcome with emotion after watching Chloe perform live in London. She shared a clip on her Instagram Story of them hugging backstage after the show. 

“I couldn’t stop myself from bawling my eyes out,” Halle penned on the video. Check out the heartwarming exchange between the sisters below.