Chris Brown Accused Of Drugging Another Woman

Chris Brown

Another accuser has come forward with shocking claims R&B singer Chris Brown drugged her in Miami. Read more!

In less than a month, Chris Brown has been hit with some heinous accusations – for the second time.

According to NBC Miami, the superstar R&B singer has been accused of drugging another woman in Miami, Florida, last year.

This is a second victim, and the latest allegation is separate from the $20 million lawsuit filed by Jane Doe #1 in January.

Jane Doe #2 has filed a police report with the Miami Beach, Florida Police Department.

The woman says she was in Florida at the same party as the singer’s first alleged victim. Jane Doe #2 said she was uncomfortable at the event, so she decided to leave.

Chris Brown supposedly invited her and a friend back to his hotel suite a few days later.

Sometime during their encounter, Chris Brown had a white powdery substance on his fingers, which he supposedly shoved into Jane Doe #2’s mouth.

The unidentified woman blacked out for several hours. When she regained consciousness, her phone was missing, and her friends were gone. 

Thankfully, the woman was not raped. However, she is accusing Chris Brown of battery.

Last month, Chris Brown was hit with a $20 million lawsuit over an incident near Diddy’s home on Star Island in Miami, Florida.

Brown supposedly spiked Jane Doe #1’s drinks with an unknown drug, which caused her to become disoriented and half-conscious. The singer took the woman to a bedroom on a docked yacht near the Bad Boy mogul’s home, where Brown had non-consensual sex with the woman.

Jane Doe #1 says Brown ejaculated inside of her and demanded that she take a Plan B pill the following day to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. She did. 

The woman said she never filed a police report because she was ashamed and scared for her life.