Chris Brown Facing Arrest For Alleged Assault On Return To UK Says Insider 

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was accused of smashing a bottle over a producer’s head during an altercation in a nightclub in February.

Chris Brown could find himself in hot water with the British authorities if he returns to the U.K. after he was accused of assault during his last trip to London.  

The R&B singer was also allegedly involved in another altercation during the Lovers Lovers & Friends Festival earlier this month, despite attempts to shed his “bad boy” image. Now, he’s reportedly facing arrest upon his return to the U.K. following an alleged assault on Feb. 19.  

The alleged incident occurred while Breezy was in London for the European leg of his tour. A producer accused Chris Brown of smashing a bottle over his head following a fight at the city’s Tape nightclub.  

The man was also allegedly kicked and punched during the altercation. He was treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Police were given assurances that Chris Brown would hand himself in for questioning immediately after his U.K. tour ended on Mar. 29. 

However, the “Go Crazy” hitmaker is believed to have left the country immediately after he wrapped his last show.  

A source told British tabloid The Sun: “Chris knows he will be arrested if he goes back to the U.K. but is still doing everything he can to avoid it.” The insider also claimed Chris Brown worries that he could be compelled to return to Britain to face the law. They added, “But he is also concerned he could potentially be picked up in any country with an extradition treaty with Great Britain.”  

The source claimed, “There was some speculation in the Brown camp that the British might be too embarrassed to arrest Chris because the Government had let him back in” after British authorities lifted the ban on Brown entering the U.K. in 2020. 

However, they added, “But the police are still after him.”