Chris Brown Names His Mount Rushmore Of Hip-Hop 

Chris Brown

Chris Brown struggled with his selection of elite MCs worthy of a place on the all-time greats list and ended up with a total of six names.

Selecting just four names to be immortalized on Rap’s Mount Rushmore is a tall task for any head, and it was no different for Chris Brown when he was asked to name his personal list of the greatest MCs.  

The R&B singer was challenged to name the rappers on his G.O.A.T. list during a recent interview with Power 206’s L.A. Leakers. While he was quick to rattle off the first few names, he realized he spoke too soon.  

“Jay-Z, Nas, Big L, and Tupac,” Chris Brown revealed after just a few moments of thought. However, he changed his mind just seconds later and had to make some alterations.  

“Skrrt, put Biggie in the spot of Nas!” he said before clarifying he still has love for his former collaborator. “I love Nas, damn. It’s f#####’ up!”  

Chris Brown soon added another name, the God MC. “Damn, hold up I’m sorry. Rakim in there too, I’m sorry! That’s all mine, everybody I said – those are in my Mount Rushmore. I made my own Mount Rushmore.” Check out the interview below.  

Elsewhere during the L.A. Leakers appearance, Chris Brown also gave Beyoncé her flowers. “She the GOAT, man… That’s one thing can nobody debate, she’s the GOAT,” he said of the superstar singer. “She’s one of the coldest ever, her and [Michael Jackson].” 

The “Look At Me Now” hitmaker recently refused to entertain comparisons between himself and the King of Pop. When asked, he admitted, “Hell nah, I’m not better than Michael Jackson,” adding, “There is no competing with him.”