Chris Brown’s Manager Sues; Says Singer Administered A Drug-Fueled Beating


(AllHipHop News) R&B singer Chris Brown is facing serious allegations that he assaulted a man who was hired to rehabilitate his image.

According to a lawsuit obtained by, Chris Brown hired Mike G. and his company Nightvision Management in 2012, to help restore his image after the singer infamously beat up songbird, Rihanna.

But all of the work over the past several years went out the window last month, after Chris Brown attacked Mike G, born Mike Guirguis, supposedly without provocation.

According to the lawsuit, Chris Brown administered a drug-fueled beating that was brutal enough to send Mike G. to the emergency room.

To make things worse, Chris Brown mocked the beating on social media and has allegedly been threatening members of working on tour with the same treatment.

Mike G. claims he fears retaliation from Chris and members of The Fruit Town Piru’s, a gang Chris Brown is associated with.