Chris Brown’s Neighbors Fuming Mad Over Epic Birthday Party

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s birthday party was crashed by the po-po after his neighbors complained over the ruckus.

R&B superstar Chris Brown is a real-life party animal.

And apparently the 32-year-old influencer’s birthday shindig was a real jungle! It was so crazy, the LAPD came and shut it all down.

What do you expect a guy born on Cinco de Mayo?

Reports note that he had over 500 people at his jam — and he made sure that everyone had their fair share of music, booze, and good energy. That was until someone had called the law on the party, who arrived at 2 AM on Thursday, May 6th.

One of the things that annoyed the neighbors who reached out to the Po Po, was that cars were double-parked (all night). Those double-parked received a ticket for breaking the law.

Pictures and videos leaked out on social media gave people a glimpse into what the party was like, It seems that Breezy might have been celebrating more than just his birthday.

The “Go Crazy” artists has multiple nominations at this upcoming Billboard Awards: Top R&B Artist, Top R&B Male Artist, Top R&B Album, Top Radio Song, Top Collaboration, Top R&B Song, and Top Hot 100 Song.

He is also one of The Finalists award-nominees for the publication.