Chrisean Rock Goes From Drama To Devotion With Biblical Parenting Philosophy

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock shares her belief in the power of faith and prayer in nurturing her son. Read more about her parenting style!

Chrisean Rock took to to tell the internet about her unique parenting approach with her newborn son, emphasizing the importance of spiritual guidance over material wealth.

Despite providing a luxurious start for her child by giving the kid a $40,000 necklace and a $500,000 bank account, Chrisean Rock said she prioritizes daily Bible readings and prayers, aiming to instill lasting values and blessings in her son.

“I pray and read the word to him every day. It’s not what you can give them; it’s what you can leave inside them.

Her journey to motherhood has been filled with drama and challenges. Chrisean Rock revealed her pregnancy and the gender of her baby boy in August through a social media post following a pregnancy photoshoot.

The father of the kid is her on-again, off-again “twin flame,” rapper Blueface.

After some high-profile drama where he questioned the child’s paternity, DNA results confirmed Blueface as the father of her child.

During her pregnancy, Rock openly declared her intention to set boundaries with Blueface, stating that she would not allow him to be present at the birth but welcomed his involvement in their son’s life afterward.

Despite her never-ending relationship drama with Blueface, some early criticism due to her parenting style, and bringing the newborn to public events, Chrisean Rock expressed gratitude for her child’s blessed life, acknowledging that he will not have to endure the hardships she faced growing up in Baltimore.

“We are thankful that this lifestyle my child won’t have to struggle like I did, be hungry like I was, or neglected and left behind like I was. AMEN THANK YOU JESUS,” Chrisean Rock emoted.