Chrisean Rock Explains Reuniting With Blueface

Blueface Chrisean Rock

“I woke up today and I’m not toxic.”

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s tumultuous relationship continues to make headlines. The Crazy In Love reality show stars have once again made amends following months of public tension.

A new music video from Blueface ignited more conversation about the parents of a newborn son. Chrisean Rock appears in the “Baby Momma Drama” visuals which hit YouTube on September 18.

“I got baby momma drama and problems unheard of. I signed both my baby mommas, I must be the problem,” raps Blueface. He has also been dealing with issues involving his other on-again, off-again partner Jaidyn Alexis.

Yesterday (September 19), Chrisean Rock took to the X social media platform to address her decision to reconnect with Blueface. Apparently, the Baddies alumna wanted to fight Jaidyn Alexis at some point.

“I asked Blue [to] let me run my fade. He said everybody gotta agree. She scared [for real], so I’ma just pull up so they can meet my son, f### the fade for now. I don’t want [your baby daddy]. I just [want to] get the [b#######] out the way. It’s Milf Music. [I don’t f### with] the [threeway] relationship s###, but I can [f### with] the family part,” posted Chrisean Rock.

She also added, “I got peace… my son good… don’t need for nothing but me [and] Blue love each other so much we purposely hurt each other because we became toxic [as f###]. I woke up today [and] I’m not toxic. I’m someone’s mom [and] my baby daddy gotta grow up [because I had to grow] up. [And] Jaidyn gotta be mature.”