Chrisette Michele Talks Trump Inauguration, Spike Lee, Questlove & More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The backlash toward Chrisette Michele for performing at Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration was widespread.

Even other celebrities like Spike Lee, Questlove, and Talib Kweli criticized the R&B singer for what came off to many as an endorsement of Trump’s divisive rhetoric and policy positions.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Michele expressed she did not vote for Trump and does not support some of his more controversial statements.

She also explained her decision to perform for Trump was centered around the idea of starting conversations about political differences.

“I needed them to see us. I needed them to see what we have to say, what we look like, how we talk,” said the “No Political Genius” vocalist. “With the entire campaign experience, many of us were wondering, “Who’s he talking to?” You’d hear something and you’d say, ‘Why does he think it’s okay to talk to “us” like that?’ So I needed him to see what ‘us’ looks like.”

Michele denied reports she made $250,000 for the gig, but she would not reveal the actual amount she was paid.

In addition, the Grammy winner addressed the reaction from Spike Lee over her choice to perform last week.

The legendary filmmaker announced he pulled a Chrisette Michele song from his upcoming Netflix remake of She’s Gotta Have It.

“He’s one of my – and we can disagree or agree on this term – peers. In other words, we’re both people who create, we’re both artists who bring things to media,” stated Michele about Lee. “So the reason why something that came from his mouth would be disappointing – more than hurtful – it’s disappointing because he’s a person who’s supposed to teach me how to create this art and how to get it out. He’s the person who created Crooklyn and is telling people he’s not going to pay for a song he never called me about. So teach me, please.”

She then responded to Questlove’s previous offer to pay her not to perform at the Inauguration, “I would have paid him to perform. That’s where it’s at. If Questlove, who I’ve worked with on his music, doesn’t know that I didn’t go there for money, then we don’t know each other.”

Michele also stated she feels the message of her performance “absolutely” reached Donald Trump even though the President was not present at the Liberty Ball during her set and she did not speak to him directly.

The Breakfast Club interview ended with Michele sending another final shot at Spike Lee.

“That’s why I wrote the poetry because that is to us. That’s to say, ‘Guys, I know you may not like what I did. But if we can’t speak then I’m not going to be able to do anything different. God forbid I have to use somebody else’s money. Cause Spike Lee don’t got me,” declared Michele.