Ciara Ready To Take On Competition With New Skincare Line


Ciara is not worried about the skincare category being overcrowded with celebrity-backed brands. In fact, she’s ready to take everyone on!

Ciara can’t wait for fans to try the “unique” formulas in her new skincare line.

The “Goodies” hitmaker unveiled the OAM (On A Mission) range last month, with the products harnessing the power of vitamin C.

But while it could be argued that the beauty market is now saturated with celebrity-backed brands, during an interview for the November 2022 issue of Allure, Ciara brushed off any competition concerns.

“Honestly, I don’t really think about what everyone else is doing so much because I know the uniqueness of my product,” she insisted. 

In fact, the singer is excited to see so many more female-founded companies emerge.

“You look around, and you’re starting to see more women building out their beauty brands. I think that’s pretty amazing because it shows the power of how you can really build something if you desire to, and it’s also showing you the power of your platform,” the 36-year-old continued. “It’s been amazing to see how women have been taking charge and flipping the way we thought we always had to go through someone to do something. No, you can do it yourself.

“I think that’s a really beautiful thing that’s happening.”

The OAM line, tested and proven for all skin tones and types, includes a cleanser, brightening serum, and moisturizer. Items are available to purchase from the company’s website.