Coi Leray Declares She’s “That Girl” In The Booth, On Stage & In Real Life

Coi Leray

The ‘Trendsetter’ album creator has a message for her followers and her detractors.

“The music industry is over-saturated. Every song is a hit. Everybody is a star,” tweeted Coi Leray on May 8. That statement ignited a lot of discourse on social media over the last several days.

In particular, one Twitter user accused Coi Leray of benefiting from that over-saturation in the music industry. The 25-year-old “No More Parties” rapper fired back at her critics in a series of tweets on Monday.

“Y’all buggen. My versatility, my stage presence. My stats. My collabs. My Brand Deals. Fashion Girl. I can dance. Sing. Rap. It’s fine if you don’t see it now. I’m in no rush for you to notice,” wrote Leray.

She also added, “Lol, I’m that girl. Real life. Offline. In the booth. On the stage. On the red carpet. On the radio. Overseas. And that’s just what it is. Shout out to my b###### who stay true to themselves and [don’t give a f###] what nobody has to say!”

One Fan Advises Coi Leray To Check Her Ego

In response to that Twitter post, one of Coi Leray’s fans warned the Trendsetter album creator not to get too cocky. According to the Republic recording artist, arrogance is not the issue.

“I’m not cocky at all. I’m human. I should be able to speak how I feel. Look at me like ya sistaaa when you need a have a drink and call ☎️. Don’t worry bootsyyy. It’s all love end of the day,” Leray responded.

Coi Leray called out her “haters” during a performance at the 2023 Something in the Water Festival earlier this month. That diatribe came after Leray seemingly settled a brewing beef with fellow female rap star Latto.

2023 has been a big year for Coi Leray so far. “Players” became her first song to break into the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10 region. Plus, Hip Hop legend Busta Rhymes jumped on an official “Players” remix.