Common Addresses Police Brutality, Race Relations, Politics & More In Twitter Q&A (TWEETS)


(AllHipHop News) Chicago conscious MC Common recently held a Twitter Q&A, in which he addressed current issues with race relations, police brutality, the upcoming election and much more.

Fans were able to post their questions for the artist using the #askCommon hashtag.

During the Q&A, the rapper tackled the current issue of police brutality in the nation by stating that more citizens from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities need to make their voices heard in protest.

“For issues like police brutality and black people being killed by police, it’s not just a black problem its an American problem, because we are Americans,  So yes we need Americans from any nationality to step up and speak,” Common explained.

Despite the current issues that Black Americans are faced with and the historic system of oppression within the nation, Common still believes that true equality is within our grasps.

“Yes it is realistic to actually progress from what the system has done and how the system is built,” the rapper confidently declared.

He then added: “The system acknowledging that its built on oppression is one important thing and as we move forward we will make those changes.”

During the digital discussion, when he was asked who he would be voting for in the upcoming election, the artist did not give any names, but indicated that he’d be voting for the most qualified and logical person to lead the nation.

The rappers discussion on the social platform follows the release of the video for his “Black America Again,” track which touches on police violence and features appearances from celebrities like Stevie Wonder.

Check out Common’s take on current social issues below.