Common Says Working On “Silo” Set Is “Depressing”


Common admitted to feeling a bit “depressed” while working on the Apple TV+ show “Silo,” set in a giant underground silo, where he plays the head of security.

Common has admitted that working on “Silo” could sometimes be a little “depressing” at times.

The Apple TV+ sci-fi dystopian drama is set inside a giant silo that nobody can leave for unknown reasons, and filming took place on a massive set that resembled the claustrophobic underground world, complete with apartments, canteens, and offices.

Common admitted to WWD that shooting the show in London “had a little bit of a depressing energy sometimes” because he would arrive at work while it was still dark outside, and it would be nighttime again when he left.

In the series, an adaptation of the “Wool” novels by Hugh Howey, the musician/actor plays the head of security Robert Sims, whose role was expanded for the screen.

“I did a lot of preparation that took me going into my process of being creative and coming up with storylines, but also finding out things from the writers. It’s really one of the most invigorating and creative roles I’ve had,” he shared.

“It’s almost like the head of the CIA slash somebody in Congress because I’m there enforcing certain laws and helping. I didn’t write any of the laws, but I’m enforcing these things and making sure this is done right.”

Common, real name Lonnie Lynn, added that he knew he was reading the script for a hit TV show within the first five or six pages.

The first season of “Silo,” also starring Rebecca Ferguson and Tim Robbins, concluded in late June, around the same time filming began for the second series.