Common And Tiffany Haddish Shoot Down Split Rumors


Common and Tiffany Haddish are going strong, despite rumors there may have been trouble in paradise. 

Common is healing and a great deal of his growth has come from the positive relationships he has in his life. One of those exceptional people that have come into his life as a support system is his girlfriend Tiffany Haddish. 

When Karen Hunter interviewed him on her SiriusXM’s “The Karen Hunter Show,” she asked how the lovebirds were doing and he leaped at the opportunity to celebrate his lady.

“We’re doing wonderful,” he replied. “She’s a really incredible human being, and the more I get to know her, I just see how dynamic she is as a person.

“How intelligent, how selfless she is, how she stands up in Hollywood for black women. I’m learning. You know what I mean?” Common said.

One of the things that he said he loved most about Tiffany is her emergence as a social justice advocate, marveling at how dedicated she is about her work to empower the Black community and women’s rights and taking on racial inequity when it shows up on her sets. 

Tiffany is one of the few actresses that is considered a huge box office draw.

“She takes it like the law. It’s not on back – she’ll be like, ‘If there ain’t no Black people on the set, or no Black people working on this, then I’m not going to do it. Or, why can’t we go to these black makeup women?’” he continued. “And I think it takes that type of courage and mouthpiece and rawness to get the equanimity that we’ve been looking for – the equality that we talk about.

“Especially within – any area of life – but then the Hollywood structure, sometimes you have to shake them up and say, ‘Hey, y’all, this is what it has to be,’” the “Glory” actor remarked.

After dropping his new album, A Beautiful Revolution, and releasing his autobiography “Let Love Have the Last Word,” finding peace in a partner like the Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker actress, has enhanced his life … bringing joy.

“She’s also fun. She’s fun. And ultimately…the one thing that I’ll say about anyone I’ve dated that you name, I like good-hearted people, and Tiffany has a good heart at the end of the day.”