Compton Residents Complain Of Shootings During Illegal Street Takeover 

Locals in Compton have had enough after a sting of near-constant illegal street takeovers ravaging their community.

Residents of a Compton neighbourhood hit back after an illegal street takeover in the hours of Monday morning (May 30). 

According to a CBS News report, law enforcement responded to calls from the local community. Cops received reports of a crowd of over 200 people taking over the intersection of Wilmington Avenue and Caldwell Street in Compton.  

Compton Illegal Street Takeover 

Residents reported vehicles tearing up the streets with drivers doing donuts while the crowd let off fireworks and shined lasers into the cars. At least one person was reportedly seen sitting on top of the Caldwell Street sign.  

The Compton Sheriff’s Station says no one was injured and they made no arrests. However, a watch commander at the stations noted the difficulties in preventing such illegal street takeover events. As the planning is conducted on social media it’s difficult for cops to stay one step ahead.  

Meanwhile residents complained and shared their frustration at the frequency of the street takeovers which they claim is almost constant.  

“I do get angry. I do get mad,” said Alex Ramos, a Compton resident told CBS News. Ramos claimed the illegal street takeovers occur multiple times a week at the same location.  

One local apparently suffered damage to their home during one such event after a car crashed into the building leaving a gaping hole.  

“It could happen today, in the afternoon, late evening, early in the morning. It’s just whenever they choose,” an anonymous resident reported. He also complained of shootings during illegal street takeovers and residents inconvenienced by cars blocking their driveways. “They’re very aggressive and confrontational about it,” he added.  

Though cops eventually dispersed the crowd, the local community says not enough is being done.  

“When [the police] do arrive, the only thing they do is just scare them off,” said Ramos. “I don’t see no arrests. I don’t see nothing.”