Consequence Disses Drake On New Song “Party Time”


Consequence has dropped a diss track titled “Party Time,” taking shots at Drake over his long-standing beef with Kanye West.

Consequence has dropped a diss track titled “Party Time,” taking shots at Drake over his long-standing beef with Kanye West. 

The Queens rapper took to social media on Saturday to tease the song, just hours after Drake leaked an unreleased Kanye and Andre 3000 track, “Life Of The Party.” Drake appeared as a guest DJ on SiriusXM’s “Sound 42” radio show where he played the song which had Kanye taking shots at Drake.  

Con then used Twitter to hint that he had something up his sleeve saying, “Since ‘Life of The Party’ got leaked… I guess it’s Party Time #QueensAllDay.”  

“HotNewHipHop” then shared a text exchange they had with Consequence where the rapper suggested “party time” would be commencing at 8:00 pm ET. This inevitably led to speculation that perhaps West would be releasing the official version of the leaked track, “Life Of The Party.”

Soon after, Cons dropped “Party Time,” a diss aimed at Drake addressing the issues between Drake and Kanye.  He debuted the song during an Instagram Live where he also directly addressed the leak.

“We gon’ figure out who the mole is, talkin’ to the homie. All is fair in love and war, trust me. There’s no emotion with me, man,” he said. “When I find out who givin’ s### out, oh, that na’s gonna get more than a wedgie, n*a. Believe that.”

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On it Cons raps: “You been taking Ls and coming out the cage/And thought we couldn’t tell you were coming after K/But it never plays to oversell yourself (Uh-uh)/But most crabs are a shell of theyself.” 

Referencing Trippie Redd, whose new song “Betrayal” features bars from Drake going at Kanye he raps: “Even the shotters in Toronto, know you tripping dread/I won’t trip, but Trippie left you dripping red,” and then mentioning Drizzy’s infamous stadium date he says, “Infrareds pointed at your cranium/Baby, this ain’t the date at Dodgers Stadium.” 

Just in case there was any confusion as to who Consequence was firing at, he name-checks Aubrey, saying: “After this I’ll be the hero that everyone hate/But the 6 don’t got a chance against the 718/A problem with Drake only gives me more strength/’Cause that 40 found the dope ’til it becomes a four-fifth (Bow).” 

Cons goes further saying: “Who told Aubs that he can play with them?/ That boy Cons can run the fade with them/ I wish we could shoot five instead of group chats/ Next time bring Chubbs when you shoot back.”