Consequence & His Son Preach “Long Overdue” Message For Hip-Hop Community

Consequence is continuing the rollout for his next solo album with the release of “Who Shot Jamal?” featuring son Caiden.

Consequence is continuing the rollout for his next solo album, Nice Doing Business With You, with the release of “Who Shot Jamal?” The track, accompanied by a powerful, cinematic video, features his 11-year-son Caiden The Crownholder, who crushes the mic with his innate rapping prowess. Through the song, the father-and-son duo swap bars about the grim reality of the seemingly endless gun violence plaguing our nation.

“‘Who Shot Jamal?’ is essentially a conversation between the Cons and Caiden as to how ‘Jamal’ was unfortunately murdered,” Consequence tells AllHipHop. “The reality in America is that there is a ‘Jamal’ in every Black community who has lost their life to senseless gun violence with many times these crimes remaining unsolved. It’s a conversation which is long overdue to be had in Hip-Hop.

“With this being the genre’s 50th Anniversary this record is in line with the lineage of records that have spoken to the occurrences that effect the very source of the art form itself.”

Consequence shared “Disappointed” in February, which is presumably included on the forthcoming album. The track found the veteran rapper showing his support of longtime friend and collaborator Kanye West. He believes people left West hanging when he needed help the most.

“My outlook is this,” he wrote at the time. “It’s easy to be self serving and ask someone for HELP, who’s in a position of Power to change your life’s trajectory. But, what happens when the tables turn and that person needs you. If you were only around for the G.O.O.D. times then you were never on OUR team to begin with. I’m Disappointed In ALOT of N#####!!!”

He also highlighted lyrics from the single: “The whole Label ran/Instead of having YE’s back/I guess crabs in a barrel/Is a curse from being Black.”

Nice Doing Business With You is scheduled for an August 4 release. Until then, watch “Who Shot Jamal?” above.