Conway The Machine Denies Rumored Rifts With Shady Records And Griselda 

Conway The Machine

Conway The Machine blames his post-departure interviews for rumors of a rift with Griselda and Shady Records.

Conway The Machine has opened up about his exit from Griselda and Shady Records, admitting rumors of a rift arose because of his handling of the departure announcements.  

Last February, the Drumwork Music Group founder confirmed he was an independent artist after fulfilling his contracts with both Griselda and Shady Records. Despite initially stating they parted “on good terms,” a month after his exit, Conway revealed his Griselda contract “wasn’t in my favor,” leading to whispers of bad blood at the Griselda camp. 

However, in a candid interview with Math Hoffa on the My Expert Opinion podcast, Conway The Machine shared his regret over his past statements. He claims his comments were blown out of proportion but accepts accountability for fuelling the chatter.  

“It wasn’t nothing there, it just looked like it on the surface,” he said, referring to a Griselda beef. “Fans just ran with certain d####### s### I done said and did in interviews. Certain fan theories that just led to the assumption that them boys is fighting and at odds.”  

Nonetheless, Conway takes full responsibility for the confusion saying his fellow Griselda members deserved more from him.  

“Because honestly I operated out of my feelings. My brother ain’t deserve that s###, man West ain’t deserve that,” he said in reference to “the s### I was saying in them interviews.”   

Conway: “Nobody Owes Me A Penny”

He then cleared up the rumors of bad business dealings stating, “nobody” including Shady Records, “owes me a penny,” or “stole from me. My business was on the up and up.”   

The “Quarters” hitmaker also addressed his comments during the Breakfast Club interview about not reading his contract. Conway claims he wasn’t implying anybody took advantage of him. “It was out of loyalty I ain’t read that s###. That’s my brother. I ain’t got to read nothing, I know we good.”   

Conway admitted, “I acted out of my feelings” during the interview, “and that s### spread like hot fire,” which led to the conspiracy theories. Check out the clip below.