Reported Police Officer: Cops Are Being Indoctrinated To Support Illegal Activity


(AllHipHop News) In the wake of the grand jury decision to not indict New York Police officer Daniel Pantaleo for the killing of Eric Garner, a lot of attention is being placed on the training (or lack of) for how cops interact with citizens. In particular, the appropriate amount of force used by police against minorities is being discussed.

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One man who claims to be a police officer called into Power 105’s The Breakfast Club radio show this morning, and he claimed that the actions of officer Pantaleo and a call to cover up wrongdoing is an indication of a systemic problem in the department.

“As an officer, we’re being indoctrinated in the precincts, in the rolls calls, were being told we have to support this. We have to show the face of unity – the blue wall, ” said the caller.

He also expressed his belief that Pantaleo should be facing charges for Garner’s death. The choke hold maneuver the officer used on Garner during the incident has been banned by the NYPD.

“The choke hold is illegal. Bottom line. The choke hold contributed to his death it was illegal,” he added. “Even if he was resisting the choke hold is illegal. He could have used other forces to take him down.”

When asked if it will be a time when a police officer would be indicted in a case where a citizen has been killed, he responded, “There’s very few situations. We’re being indoctrinated to support illegal activity. We’re being told unofficially to support this.”

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Listen to a segment of the conversation below.