Cop Who Saw Tupac Shakur Die Gives Detailed Account Of Rapper’s Last Moments


(AllHipHop News) A photo of Tupac Shakur that was supposedly taken in 2015 has been dismissed as a fraud, according to the man who witnessed Tupac take his last breath.

Internet conspiracy theorists have had a field day with a picture of Tupac that was supposedly taken 2011.

But the cop who witnessed Tupac die said it’s all obviously nonsense, as we approach the anniversary of Tupac’s death on September 13.

“Tupac is dead. I saw him lose consciousness and lose his life 20 years ago,” former Las Vegas Police Officer Chris Carroll told The Daily Mail. “I still find it astonishing that fans and people believe that Tupac is alive.”

According to Officer Carroll, he was on motorcycle patrol on September 7, when he got the call about a shooting on the strip.

“There were about five cars in the entourage and as they began getting out of the cars I knew these were not normal citizens,” Officer Carroll told

“So as they got out I had my gun drawn, so I told them all to get down and stay back. They all looked edgy, and I was concerned that may be a threat or could even just run away.

“But then in the BMW through the passenger window I saw a silhouette of a guy, who was not moving.”

Officer Carroll said he tried to focus his attention on the injured man in the BMW. But a bloodied Suge Knight – who sustained an injury to his head- was screaming “Pac, Pac.”

The injured man in the BMW turned out to be Tupac.

Officer Carroll said he had to pry open the passenger side door, because it was jammed shut from the damage caused by the bullets fired into the BMW.

Once the door was open, Officer Carroll said he instantly recognized Tupac and saw that he was gravely wounded.

“Tupac just flopped out onto my left arm as I hadn’t realized he was leaning against the door,” Officer Carroll revealed. “I then cushioned him down to the floor. Tupac was grimacing in pain, looking panicked and gasping for breathe.”

Officer Carroll said Pac’s torso was “shot up” pretty bad, leaving the famous rapper gurgling and struggling for air, as blood-filled his lungs.

Officer Carroll said he knew Tupac was going to die, so he attempted to take a last statement from him as Suge looked over his shoulder.

“I asked him ‘Who shot you? Who did this? What happened?,’ repeatedly,” Officer Carroll said. “Tupac didn’t even acknowledge that I was talking to him, as he was staring at Suge over my shoulder.

“Then he finally moved his line of sight from Suge, glared at me, mustered the energy to take as deep as breath as possible and said, ‘F*** you.'”

Officer Carroll said at that point, Tupac started choking, looked back at Suge Knight and lost consciousness.

Pac eventually succumbed to his wounds six days later.