Cops Dispute The Game’s Claim Meek Mill “Snitched” About Sean Kingston Robbery


(AllHipHop News) Maybe it is the definition of the word “snitching” that is causing confusion in The Game versus Meek Mill situation.

Game has insisted Meek spoke to police about associates of the 1992 LP creator allegedly robbing singer Sean Kingston.

However, TMZ reports law enforcement sources are saying neither Game nor Meek’s names were included any reports about the crime.

In a video, Game also stated that police arrived at his door to discuss the case. Again, police have stated that is not true.

Apparently, Game got connected to the June $300,000 jewelry robbery through Kingston’s mother.

She reportedly wrote on social media that the “92 Bars” rapper was possibly part of the suspected plot because he was at the Penthouse club the night of the incident.

In addition, Game alleged Kingston told him directly that Meek blamed Game for the theft. Both Kingston and Meek have denied that accusation as well.

Kingston and Meek also suggested Game started – what they see as fraudulent assertions – just to promote his upcoming album release.