Cops Say Mass Shooting At Banquet Hall In Florida Is Connected To Rap Beef

El Mula Shooters

Investigators are calling upon the local community to give up the three gunmen who shot 26 people and killed 2, at a banquet hall in Florida.

The mass shooting that took place on Sunday, May 30 at the El Mula Banquet Hall in Northwest Miami-Dade is reportedly connected to beef between two rival crews, the group’s rap songs, and social media posts.

The Director of the Miami-Dade County Police Department, Alfredo Ramirez III, revealed this shocking news to reporters, as he and the mayor begged the public to work to give up the names of the shooters who took the lives of two people and left 21 others injured.

The names of the two men, who were both 26 when they were killed are Desmond Owens and Clayton Dillard III.

The cops have more information than people think. Ramirez says at a press conference, “These gun-violence-driven murderers, as it has been said eloquently before me, who are targeting individuals and at the same time hitting innocent people who have nothing to do with their beef, ruining families.”

Investigators noted that there was an album release party happening the day of the shooting and that several local rappers such as ABMG Spitta were performing.

Flyers about this event were scattered around social media. Also across social media was chatter that included threats and gunplay talk. They are trying to comb through the information to build their case.

“We know about all groups, but it’s hard to predict what these groups will do,” said Ramirez.

One bit of information that has been released is footage of the shooters arriving and leaving.

A video from outside of the El Mula showed three masked gunmen with semi-automatic rifles and handguns hopped out of a white Nissan Pathfinder and raced in to shoot wildly into the crowd and escaped with the same ferocity.

The SUV was found in a canal at Northwest 154th Street and Second Avenue on Monday, May 31.

Marcus Lemonis has put a $100,000 reward to anyone who submits information leading to an arrest.

This story is developing.