Coronavirus Is Sweeping The United States And Florida Is Leading The Way


The Delta variant of the Coronavirus is having a devastating impact on the United States, particularly in younger people, who are making up an increasing amount of infections.

Florida is wilding.

According to the statistics, the coronavirus pandemic is in full swing and has broken some new records across the United States, and in the Sunshine State.

By the end of the week, the deaths in Florida have spiked up 300% due to COVID-19.

The national data states that as of Friday, August 20, there were 319,456 new infections in one week in the country, and out of that number 150,118 were from Florida.

The rates in every age group under 50-years-old have surpassed the previous record of hospitalizations set in the first half of January.

The stats, which were gathered by John-Hopkins University, continue to baffle health professionals as reports note that 908 people died on Thursday and 2,677 people died on Friday.

Out of those approximately 3,500 deaths, 346 were from Florida.

Jennifer Pacheco, assistant vice president of critical care at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, “When the pandemic started, we had an indication of who was coming in — people larger in size, or with diabetes, or older than a certain age. We knew when they came in they might end up in ICU.”

The says that this is because of the national rise of the Delta variant and the low vaccination rate.

And in Florida, most of the deaths have come from young people.

An astounding 36% of the Floridians that have died from the virus have been under 65. The next segments that are on the rise are Baby Boomers and older Gen Xers.

Pacheco continued and said, “This time, we’re not seeing that. We are seeing younger people, and we cannot predict who will come into the ICU and end up on ventilators. It’s very concerning.”

47 percent of Floridians are fully vaccinated, and 57 percent of the people from the state are eligible to get at least one dose of the vaccine. 99 percent of Florida’s deaths are from people who have not been vaccinated.

Despite these numbers, the state has given schools 48 hours to do away with the mask mandates for students and teachers and if they don’t they will lose funding.

Please pray for Florida … and vote for people that see that this virus is really killing people.