COVID-19 Delays Lawsuit Against Juice WRLD

As the Juice WRLD estate gets their ducks in a row, the court affords them a little time before pushing forward with a rock band’s claim that the late rapper sampled from them without permission.

(AllHipHop News) The COVID-19 pandemic is not only holding up people’s social calendars.

It is putting a dent in legal matters and depending on whom you ask… that might be a good thing.

For the Juice WRLD estate, it is working out in their favor as they hash out the details of who is running the day-to-day workings on the rapper’s assets.

Recently, a $15 million copywriting infringement lawsuit against the estate of the deceased rapper has been put on ice. Yellowcard, a

turn-of-the-millennium American rock band, filed a case alleging that Juice WRLD sampled their 2006 song “Holly Wood Died” in his 2018 hit song, “Lucid Dreams.”

“Lucid Dreams” topped several charts and has amassed over one billion streams on Spotify. Should Yellowcard’s claim be found valid, the estate will be responsible for forking over a good lump of cash.

However, the coronavirus has halted movement in the court system and the disease has also caused problems for this case.

Chief among those problems is that the estate has not assigned someone to be in charge.

Juice WRLD’s mother, who seems to be the obvious choice to be in charge of her late son’s estate, is waiting for a judge to sign off and make her legal the administrator.

Hopefully, this can come to an end… and perhaps the world might hear some posthumous tracks.