COVID-19 Hindering Pop Smoke Murder Investigation

Nearly four months since his murder, the late rapper’s case is dropped from the investigators’ priority list.

(AllHipHop News) With COVID-19 wreaking havoc in some of our country’s largest cities, law enforcement has shifted their priorities – especially in Los Angeles, where Pop Smoke’s murder case has gone unsolved.

In addition to witnesses not cooperating, the LAPD ran into new challenges when the pandemic hit the city.

If you recall, back in February, detectives revealed that they were having difficulties with getting witnesses to step up after the rising rapper was shot and killed on February 19th.

Many people were just refusing to give up any information.

Now, even speaking to people in person poses safety concerns, thus slowing down any progress of solidifying witness testimonies.

Pop Smoke’s murder was initially assumed to be a botched armed robbery. Later on, they claimed Pop was, indeed, a targeted hit and the motive has been a puzzle ever since.

With new obstacles in the form of a virus in the way, making any progress, in this case, has become extremely difficult.

Some sources have claimed that investigators remain hopeful with the upcoming June 12th release of Pop’s posthumous debut.

The cops hope that Pop Smoke’s album will re-ignite and rev up the investigation when the rapper is back in the spotlight again.