Crazy Legs Of The Rock Steady Crew Raises Money For Hurricane Relief In Puerto Rico

Richard "Crazy Legs" Colon

Crazy Legs of The Rock Steady Crew is raising funds to help the struggling people of Puerto Rico, who have been ravaged by Hurricane Fiona.

Puerto Rico is facing yet another tragic environmental, dire humanitarian situation that puts the people of the country in numerous crises simultaneously. Hip-Hop pioneer Crazy Legs is stepping up again to help the people of the nation.

“Although our past relief efforts were very successful, we have also chosen to partner with other legitimate organizations and individuals who were effective with their on the ground efforts in Puerto Rico,” he told AllHipHop exclusively. “This will allow us to create a more fluid strategy that will help more people on the island.” Crazy Legs is a world-renown break dancer and b-boy that has acted largely as ambassador for the culture of Hip-Hop in numerous ways.

Crazy Legs, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, said that the road to recovery will continue for a long time and has created a GoFundMe to do his part for the people.

Hurricane Fiona has caused damage to Puerto Rico on numerous fronts.

Puerto Rico’s entire power grid has gone down, news that has dominated headlines most recently. More than that, the people of Puerto Rico have been wrestling with deteriorating infrastructure and poverty. A small percentage of residents had power restored Thursday, but 3 of 4 residents still lacked clean water, according to a report by the Jubilee USA Network.

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“Hurricane Fiona is causing damage to Puerto Rico that will last for quite a while. If we move fast enough, we can immediately impact how long it will have on the people of Puerto Rico,” he said. “I’m reaching out to friends and the entertainment industry to help with the on-the-ground efforts in Puerto Rico. After working on past disaster situations in Puerto Rico, I feel that we can put together the right team and be on the ground within the next week and a half with supplies for those impacted.”

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Legs and a host of others are working towards hurricane relief next week in New York City at Chelsea Music Hall. All proceeds will be solely used for our relief work in Puerto Rico. Details are below.