Crooked Cop Who Moonlighted As A Hitman For The Gangster Disciples Sent To Prison For 15 Years

Rick Ross and Vance Gumbs

An ex-cop and hitman for the Gangster Disciples, the gang that targeted Rick Ross over his hit song “B.M.F.,” is heading to prison for 15 years!

A crooked cop who moonlighted as a hitman for the Gangster Disciples is heading to prison for 15 years for racketeering conspiracy involving murder.

The Feds hit Vancito Gumbs, 28, of Stone Mountain, Georgia with the stiff sentence for giving the gang sensitive information he gathered as a cop, in addition to giving a firearm to a fellow member of the feared gang.

The Feds presented evidence proving the gang committed 12 murders and 24 shootings between 2011 and 2015. Investigators found photographs showing the ex-police officer throwing up hand signs used by the Gangster Disciples.

They also had recorded calls of Gumbs with the gang’s Chief Enforcer, who bragged of his connection to the cops. The Feds said Gumbs was a member of the ruthless gang, which was birthed in Chicago in the 1970s and has since grown to have chapters in almost every state in the U.S.

According to the Feds, the G.D.’s are highly organized and known for enforcing the rules, which if broken, are punishable by death.

rick ross GDs
April 2016 indictment of Gangster Disciples members for threatening Rick Ross and committing murder.

In April of 2016, 48 members of the gang were indicted for racketeering and murder.

That indictment accused the Gangster Disciples of trying to extort rapper Rick Ross and threatening him with physical harm unless he paid them for using the gang’s name and symbols in his music, most notably his hit song “B.M.F.” which name check’s the gang’s founder, Larry Hoover.