Cypress Hill SmokeOut To Protest Marijuana Laws Today At 4:20


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(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop group Cypress Hill will protest federal marijuana laws today (March 1) in downtown Los Angeles.

Group leader B-Real and organizers of Cypress Hill’s annual SmokeOut Festival have teamed with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and the Medicine &nMusic Project, for a peaceful protest to federal marijuana laws, which at times conflict with state legislation.

Cypress Hill’s B-Real will meet with protesters at 4:20 PM. They will then march to the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building.

“The Cypress Hill SmokeOut is not only a music festival—it’s a movement,” said B-Real. “The goal of its inception was to use the power of music to build a platform for supporters, advocates and fans to congregate and take a stand toward decriminalization. Every artist that has ever been a part of the SmokeOut bill has been selectively chosen not only for their incredible talent and art, but also for their passion for legalization and safe access to medicine. The artists’ have the ability to reach and educate their fans and followers in their respective communities including hip-hop, rock, Latin music or dance.”

B-Real will speak, in addition to Americans for Safe Access’ California director Don Duncan.

According to Duncan, the goal of the rally is to promote safe and legal access to cannabis, for therapeutic use in research.

“Obama’s failure at keeping his promise not to ‘circumvent’ state medical marijuana laws and to highlight the unprecedented attack on patients and their providers across the country are hurting legitimate patients,” ASA’s Don Duncan said. “Patient advocates are calling on Obama to end his attacks on the medical marijuana community and begin to address this issue from a public health standpoint.”

Starting location – 4:20pm:
City Hall (meeting at the West Steps)
200 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Ending Location:
Edward R. Roybal Federal Building
255 E. Temple Street (between N. Los Angeles St. and N. Alameda St)
Los Angeles, CA 90006