D.A. Offered Young Thug Co-Defendant His Freedom For Snitching On Rapper, Says Lil Rod’s Father 

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The Fulton County D.A. allegedly offered the YSL RICO case defendant his freedom in exchange for telling on Young Thug.

District Attorney Fani Willis offered a defendant in Young Thug’s YSL RICO case co-his freedom in exchange for snitching on the rapper, according to the father of co-defendant Lil Rod. 

The angry father made the allegations against the Fulton County D.A. in an Instagram Live video. 

“Ms. Willis went down to that jail and told my son if he—if!” he stated in a clip. “Listen to what I say. I ain’t tellin’ you what I heard, I’m tellin’ you what I know. ‘If he say Thug gave him $10,000 to [inaudible] that boy, then we’ll let you out of jail.’” Check out the video below.  

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Young Thug remains behind bars awaiting trial on a slew of RICO charges. Jury selection is currently underway but moving at a glacial pace, and is expected to last months.  

Lil Rod Allegedly Involved In Jailhouse Stabbing

Meanwhile, Lil Rod, real name Rodalius Ryan, is one of several of Young Thug’s co-defendants who could face charges over his alleged role in a stabbing at the Fulton County Jail. Christian Eppinger, Damone Blalock Jevon Fleetwood, and Demise McMullen were also named in the alleged attack.  

31-year-old inmate Demarcus Bussey was attacked at the jail on the evening of Jan. 31 after being surrounded by inmates. Eppinger is accused of stabbing Bussey in the chest with a shank. 

Ryan and Eppinger were charged with aggravated assault. Blalock, Fleetwood, and McMullen were charged with misdemeanor battery. All five men were charged with willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer. 

Meanwhile, last month, Rodalius Ryan’s attorney Angela D’Williams claimed a Fulton County deputy punched her client in the head. The altercation occurred amid the jury selection process in Young Thug’s RICO trial. Sheriff Pat Labat accused Ryan of spitting in a deputy’s face. He was accused of spitting in the back of a patrol car while awaiting to be taken to the courthouse.