D-Block Europe’s Young Adz Drops “Money Can’t Buy Heart” Video

Young Adz takes center stage living the high life in France in the visuals for “Money Can’t Buy Heart,” released on Thursday, March 11.

Young Adz has dropped the visuals for his track, “Money Can’t Buy Heart,” from the D-Block Europe mixtape, Home Alone 2.  

The video opens in a London trap house as a news report on “County Lines” and “a wave of violence involving children” plays in the background. Young Adz portrays the boss life as he raps about “making it out the hood,” with his entourage in France. Watch the video below. 

Money Can’t Buy Heart – Young Adz (D-Block Europe) 

During a recent interview with Capital XTRA Young Adz and Dirtbike LB chopped it up on the progression of D-Block Europe. They talked about the tape and how it differed from the first installment of the series.  

“Most of your favorite artists have stages of them. We’re going through stages. You can say already half a decade in, ‘what DBE do you prefer’?” Young Adz explained.  

They also discussed the growth in their music and how their lyrical content has evolved.  

“Certain tracks man might have thought about in the bando on certain tapes,” Dirtibke LB shared. “Now, we’re in different environments. It’s interesting to see what people think.” He reflected on the shift in U.K. rap music to the drill sound. “It’s different because the whole thing’s changed,” he said. “Drill’s so important now. What everyone’s listening to and what everyone’s taking in, its completely different than before this drill stuff. I feel like we know how to stay afloat,” LB added. 

Young Adz interjected, “You need to remember, Pop Smoke was doing U.K. influenced drill. He died and become the biggest thing,” he said. ”UK drill sound now is open to every single door. Whereas we’re just doing the wave, staying cemented in, still running up the numbers.” 

They also discussed reaching the point in their careers where they are neither novices nor veterans of the game, saying they’re at the “young O.G” stage. Young Adz also commented on coming from a time when there was no money in the game and noted many of the acts that came up with them are no longer here. “The people that was around popping when we stepped in, they ain’t even really about no more,” he said.